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Best Sandwiches and Hoagies in Northeast Philadelphia!

Reen’s Deli has served Northeast Philadelphia for Nearly 6 Decades!

Reen’s Deli is a family-owned delicatessen serving Northeast Philadelphia since 1964. Reen’s has fed generations of families over six decades and has maintained the same high-quality and standards they are known for today. It’s a neighborhood store that feeds its people well. It remains a weekly staple as a must-stop for many families to buy their fresh cold cut lunch meat, Amoroso rolls, authentic Jewish rye bread, hoagies, salads and many other necessities. The original owners, Al and Irene (Reen’s namesake) built a strong family business of quality food, friendly customer service and a family atmosphere with a strong sense of community. Al and Irene passed the business down to their son-in-law Neil and daughter Ellen in the 90’s and they have since passed it down to their sons, Kevin and Erik. Reen’s has become a part of so many people’s lives over the years being served at so many holiday parties, family reunions and special occasions. Reen’s is where you shop with your family, friends and neighbors and get caught up on the weekly gossip and happenings. Reen’s is an institution in Northeast Philadelphia and will continue to serve the freshest cold cuts and delicious hoagies to the next generations of families in the neighborhood. Reen’s has never had to rely on gimmicks or short-cuts to deliver fresh, delicious and tasty food at affordable prices. Stop in today and order the hoagies, sandwiches, salads and hot platters you love!

Proudly Serving Local Products for almost 6 Decades!

Dietz and Watson Meats
Amoroso Rolls
Stroemann Bread
Zayda’s Pickles and Peppers
Charles Chips
Herr’s Chips
Wise Chips
Stock’s Pound Cake
Peanut Chews
Frank’s Soda
Hank’s Soda
Boylan’s Soda
Olde Philadelphia Soda
P&S Ravioli Company